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Fast Lane/LP Convention 2016!!!

So, we meet again and dust off the building blocks of my blog.    I, a recently more involved Libertarian before, and you, a random person whom I need to entertain.   😉 Life has been a whirlwind these past few years.   I moved into a new home, my husband lost his job, I … Continue reading

Zimmerman v. The State of Florida : Justice Served?

In a case filled with idiotic decisions, tragic outcomes, and a defense lawyer who opens with what he perceives to be stand up comedy,  the final verdict was a surprise to me. At first glance, it seems to be a no-brainer.   Nearly everyone in the country knows the major facts in the case (and I … Continue reading

Get Realistic : My Opinions on the Paula Deen and NSA Scandals

After a too-long hiatus from writing on my oft neglected blog, I finally had to take to the keyboard after being barraged with news for the past week. Paula Deen :  (Wo)Man or Monster? I love the way the media is throwing this debacle up at every turn now that the Food Network and Smithfield … Continue reading

IRS, surveillance, and bears, oh my.

I can barely stand to read or watch the news, more than usual.    I’m sure everyone on the planet is more than aware of the recent “scandals” involving certain acts by the IRS and the NSA.   I’m pretty sure even my neighbor’s dog knows about it by now. As usual, I am unsurprised.   When GWB … Continue reading

Life, Liberty, and Freedom

With every atrocity, there is a predictable rhythm of contraction and expansion. When the crisis begins, we hold our collective breath as a nation.   There is a great waiting until the suspect (or suspects) is caught, with an explosion of social media and news outpouring information and a sense of national solidarity.    We come together … Continue reading

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