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Fast Lane/LP Convention 2016!!!

Fast Lane/LP Convention 2016!!!

So, we meet again and dust off the building blocks of my blog.    I, a recently more involved Libertarian before, and you, a random person whom I need to entertain.   😉

Life has been a whirlwind these past few years.   I moved into a new home, my husband lost his job, I became more involved in the Libertarian Party via their Facebook page administration, and after a year, I was offered the sweet chance to be the new Public Relations Officer for the Nebraska Libertarian Party.

It’s been eye opening, and I’m trying very hard to attune myself to the Twitterverse.   Facebook campaigns are easy.  Bringing myself to #hastagallthethings is not so much.    Is 34 super old now?  It feels super old.

Now that we’ve caught up on old times — onward!  To the Convention!

Lots of good things happening in my feed over the past two days.   I was especially pleased to hear that the token vote to remove our abortion plank was outvoted, meaning I and many others won’t have to grapple with the urge to go back to independent voter status.

Some of the livestreaming is not as smooth as it could be, BUT it’s happening.    We should be grateful that we have the funds and volunteers and donations of equipment to make these videos.    They may not be as pretty as CNN, MSNBC, or FOX sets, but they’re honest.    That’s something the Rs and Ds haven’t had in quite a while.    We’re learning to be better as we make our way to center stage.

I would love to hear from you about your Orlando #LPCON2016 thoughts and experiences!   Tweets, pictures, selfies, thoughts, anything!    Link me to your live blog if you’re there! 🙂


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